Behavioural Optometry

We go beyond the Traditional Vision Care and assess the "whole" visual system (central and peripheral vision) in an innovative way that allows better Vision and Sensory Integration

Behavioural Optometrist
VSI assesses both visions under more natural conditions
Behavioural Optometrist
Traditional testing excludes peripheral vision
Peripheral Vision
Behavioural Optometrist
Central Vision
Behavioural Optometrist

Central vision is the middle part of the visual field. It provides information for "What is it?" and allows us to identify objects.

Peripheral vision is all that is visible outside the central area of focus, it provides information for "Where Am I/ Where is it?" and enables visually guided movement such as pointing along with posture, balance and movement

How can this help you?

Prevent vision problems and eye problems from developing.

Provide vision improvement, remediation or rehabilitation for vision or eye problems that have already developed (e.g. eye turn, shortsightedness, visual problems due to brain trauma etc)


Vision and Sensory Integration helps people with the following conditions:

All Visual problems Tunnel Vision / Depth Perception
Eye turns Anxiety and Spatial Organisation Issues
Motion Sickness / Vertigo Attention Deficit Disorders
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Learning Difficulties